Bring your child in for a back to school check-up!

    Chiropractic adjustments help your child to focus better. Chiropractic adjustments keep the immune system up. Chiropractic adjustments help your child have better balance, especially when they are involved in sports. I’ll do a scoliosis check while they are here. We will talk about 

What is the difference between electrical stim, ultrasound, and laser?

One question that I get almost daily is, “What’s the difference between electrical stim, ultrasound, and laser therapy? If I go to the physical therapist they do electrical stim and ultrasound on my back or my legs. Why don’t you use electrical stim and ultrasound?” 

Why do my feet prickle when I sit on them too long?

“Why do my feet prickle when I sit on them too long?” That moment when you try to get up from the floor where you’ve been sitting on your legs for 20 minutes… They feel like clubs, or someone else’s feet!  …and then it begins… 

Why don't you get sick?

Why Don’t You Get Sick? The average person will catch between 2-6 colds during the year. So often I hear people ask, “why don’t you get sick?  What are you doing differently?” My perspective is that we are all exposed to the sicknesses, and we 

The Perils of Yard Work…

The Perils of Yard Work… It’s spring!  The yard is calling… Getting outside in the sunshine and working the earth can be very therapeutic for the mind, body, and soul.  However, sometimes the project is bigger than our bodies are prepared for.  When that happens, 

Why do I need to be adjusted if I am not hurting?

Why do I need to be adjusted if I am not hurting? This is the question I welcome the most!  It gives me the opportunity to explain the basic principles of chiropractic care!  Here are a few of my most favorite reasons to get adjusted, 

Where do I go first?

Last month, an article was published by the American College of Physicians that backs up one of the things I’ve been telling patients for 22 years.  It is the answer to one of the most frequently asked questions, “Where do I go first when I 

Health and Happiness, the Physical Link

There is a strong link between the health of our bodies and our ability to feel joy and happiness.  The very elements that we need to physically feel uplifted are manufactured in our gut, not our brain.  Therefore, if we are having a bout of 

The Shocking Truth about Aspartame

You are not going to believe this…  Hold on tight – this news may come as quite a shock:  Drinking diet soda pop and chewing sugar free gum puts the weight ON!  But there is more, and it’s not good news!  Hair loss, impotence, eczema, 

Top 5 things that can keep you from feeling happy

Here is a reminder of a few things you can avoid because they keep your body from producing the serotonin you need to feel happy: Alcohol consumption smoking cigarettes High Fructose Corn Syrup Anti-depressants & other prescription drugs Release of insulin from      too much sugar