Being a chiropractor has definite advantages over other professions.  Here are the top reasons I love being a chiropractor:

  • I get to help people overcome pain and sickness
  • I get to adjust little children!  They respond so quickly!
  • I get to become acquainted with a lot of fun people!
  • I am able to witness miracles almost every day!
  • I feel driven to study every day so that I will be knowledgeable enough to help my patients.  Because of that, I learn new things that help so many people!
  • Every day is different!  I never know what challenges I will face and what amazing things will happen!
  • I don’t have to work in the rain and snow 🙂

Chiropractic Finds and Corrects the Cause of Health Problems

More and more people in Utah County are seeking a more natural approach to healing.  Through careful, scientific examination and evaluation, Dr. Stone, Pleasant Grove, Utah, can determine which vertebrae and discs are affecting the nerve supply to the parts of the body or organs involved in many types of disorders.  A vertebral problem in one part of the spine may induce the disorder of the kidney; in another it may relate to a stomach disorder; while in yet other areas it may affect the heart function, or perhaps the lungs, skin, gall bladder, liver, etc. as well as, of course, the shoulders, arms, hips, legs, and feet.
After determining which areas of your spine are involved, Dr. Stone may then “adjust” the vertebrae to reduce these spinal distortions (called subluxations) – the underlying causes of the problem, thus enabling the free, full flow of nerve supply to return to the affected areas.  In effect, Dr Stone realigns the vertebrae and discs, thereby releasing and freeing the irritated or pinched nerves so they can return to doing the normal duties that nature intended them to perform

Chiropractic and Children

By Shirl “Rocky” Stone, D.C.
What a miracle child birth is!  But if the birthing process itself isn’t traumatic enough for the spine, the first few tries at walking surely is!  My daughter recently gave birth to a 7 pound 6 ounce baby boy.  I’ve adjusted this little guy a couple of times already with great results.  It is amazing how fast babies and children respond to chiropractic adjustments.  I used a special technique on him one night to help him to sleep (so his mommy could get some rest).  He slept three to four hour stretches through the night instead of the short 45 minute stretches of the previous night.
As our children grow and become active in sports such as gymnastics, soccer, football, tennis, or when they begin to play a musical instrument, their growing spines are subjected to tremendous amounts of stress.  Chiropractic care can help to keep our precious little one’s spine in line.
Spinal alignment is so important, especially when we grow.  Many of the spinal problems that we see in adults can be traced back to a childhood fall, injury, or more commonly, poor posture resulting from carrying back packs, or spending endless hours playing video or computer games.  It is very important at this developmental stage of their lives for you to seriously consider regular chiropractic care for your child.