Pregnancy & Chiropractic

How can I get rid of the back pain I get during pregnancy? I don’t want to use medicines if I don’t have to.
Lower back pain and pregnancy are almost synonymous.  In fact, several studies revealed that over 70% of pregnant women will experience lower back pain.  A study reported in the prestigious medical journal Obstetrics and Gynecology revealed the leading cause of lower back pain was due to a mechanical dysfunction (or subluxation in chiropractic terms) in the sacroiliac joint.  The journal Family Practice Resources reported a study completed by the Rochester School of Medicine where they reported that manipulation (adjustment) for sacroiliac subluxation was 91% effective in relieving back pain during pregnancy!
In addition to helping with back pain, it has been suggested that chiropractic care during pregnancy may reduce the time of labor and delivery between 24%  (for the first child) and 39% (for the second child).
A recent study published in the Journal of Manipulative and Physiologic Therapeutics reported that the Webster Technique may be effective in relieving the musculoskeletal causes of breech presentations that are unlikely to spontaneously change to normal in the 8th month of pregnancy.
I have a special table in my office that is designed to accommodate the pregnant body.  Many women receive great relief from pain by having chiropractic adjustments during pregnancy.